Voice Soaring Studios is proud to be partnering with two of the finest photographers in the country. These talented gentlemen are experts in the craft of photography, and they will capture your image and elevate it to a whole new level of artistry!


Los Angeles

Andy Keilen

We couldn’t be happier to be partnering with Andy Keilen of Keilen Photography in L.A. Andy has photographed some of the most famous recording artists in the industry! He has a unique take on the artist’s image and capturing them in their most passionate moments of performances. But it doesn’t stop there: headshots, body shots—he does it all! Check a sample of his photography to the left. You might be surprised at some of the famous artists he’s photographed!

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New York

Reeves Watson

For our East Coast clients who need the very best headshots, as well as full body, performance, in studio or on-location shots, Reeves Watson is our go-to photographer. He is brilliant at capturing the human form in its all it’s glorious beauty! Check out a sample of his beautiful photography to the right. His photos are simply gorgeous!

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