Every singing artist in the entertainment industry needs to know what is unique about their voice, what they have that makes them stand out in a very crowded industry, and how to be seen and heard in this new digital age. We have partnered with Michelle Bermudez to bring her artist marketing expertise to our students.


Meet our Artist Development Coach, Michelle Bermudez

Michelle Bermudez is a digital marketer at Sony Music Entertainment where her main focus is managing artist websites, as well as the development of digital marketing campaigns, seeking opportunities to increase online engagement and ensuring a strong digital presence.  Ultimately, her enthusiasm for music and technology has fueled her curiosity to learn and grow in this ever-changing digital landscape.

Michelle began her professional career in the music business at Warner Music Group, after earning a degree in Communication Studies at Montclair State University.  She was involved in numerous digital marketing campaigns for a variety of artists across multiple genres such as Paramore, Bruno Mars, Keith Richards, Trey Songz, Logic, and many more.  

Michelle was born in Queens, New York and raised in Northern New Jersey.  She grew up in a household where all different types of music was explored, which led to her passion for vocal music and all things theatre. Her increasing fascination for vocal performance eventually led to a few stints on television, such as Univision and New Jersey Network (NJN).  

Let Michelle help you navigate the challenging path to a successful career as a singer in the music and recording industry by booking a one on one consultation with her.

She will teach you what record labels and industry professionals are looking for when they are seeking out new talent to sign.

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