Testimonial from a professional singer

From Georgia Carr 

singer/songwriter and recording artist


I consider myself to be one of the happiest singers in the world right now!  I am so delighted and deeply grateful that I have found such an amazing singing coach and mentor in Jeffrey Alani Stanfill.  So far I have had twelve transformational singing lessons with Jeff and I am singing for joy that my voice is back, stronger and more beautiful than ever.  


As a teacher, Jeff has an extraordinary blend of passion, experience, sensitivity and lightheartedness.  He is a veritable encyclopaedia of techniques and practices to help strengthen and support one’s natural voice.  His generosity in sharing everything he knows is amazing.


Together with his depth and breadth of understanding about how the voice works, how to keep the vocal chords healthy, and breathing practices to support you in your singing, I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my lessons and practices in between.  Because I live in Australia I have lessons via Skype which works brilliantly for me.  I record each session too so I can practice with those particular exercises throughout the week.


In 2015 after 9 months of losing my voice due a virus which caused pneumonia, thyroiditis and then laryngitis my vocal cords were in a terrible mess and my singing voice was very weak and unreliable.  


In 2016 my voice is completely healed and is soaring again.  I feel confident to sing my heart out effortlessly, and my range is both higher and lower than before.  Also my understanding of what I need to do to keep my voice healthy has broadened enormously through my coaching lessons with Jeff.  


I couldn’t recommend Jeff more highly.  His extraordinary skill, warmth, generosity and integrity shine through every lesson, and I am profoundly grateful to have found him, and privileged to be learning so much from him.  Thank you Jeff!

Jeffrey Stanfill